Gay Pride Girls.


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I miss this already. 20 days weights-and-proteinshakes ❤️

17 days babe!

Here is my face for those that asked. 

For those that didn’t ask, tough. You can have it anyway.



What is gay privilege?

better sex

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Love, Girls, Beauty of Life.

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I support marriage equality for all!


Anonymous asked: Hey I used to work in Holland and Barrett and I can tell you Bootea is nothing but a glorified diaretic. Honestly you do lose weight, but you put it back on quite quickly. sorry x

Yeah I’ve seen that it’s mainly a diarrhetic… Thanks for the heads up though. I don’t think I’ll choose that option because it’s expensive and I don’t even like tea. I’m a lame Brit.

Anonymous asked: Hey I've got an advice for you😏 Try to cut out meat and milk and cheese and chicken and all the animal products, and eat as many fruits and veggies as you want. check out rawvana on YouTube, she's having a challenge right now, "get raw in a week" or something.

Oooh that’s brill, I’ll check the channel out! Thanks for your help

Anonymous asked: You should try bootea it's great

My biggest issue with that would be the fact I don’t like tea :/